The Secret

Last month Applied String Lessons celebrated a year in business. I am very proud and thankful for that. It is a well known fact that many businesses fail in their first year. Staying in operation this long would not be possible without the clients and other instrumental specialists who have placed their trust in the company. Some aspiring entrepreneurs have asked the secret to being in service of others for this long. This is a topic I continue to study in order to get better and maintain client satisfaction with the support of other specialists. I freely share the knowledge I have gained so far.

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Guidelines For Business

1) Ensure that Applied String Lessons has a positive impact on the world.

2) Excellence in products and services.

3) All team members are paid fairly.

4) All clients and instructors have an opportunity to learn and progress, even if that means with another company.

5) Compassion and mercy are shown to instructors and clients if they suffer difficult circumstances in their personal lives.

6) Ensure a positive and healthy environment-physical as well as emotional.

7) What is right is put ahead of what is profitable.

8) Turn the other cheek, instead of "going for the jugular" in business decisions. Avoid Revenge.

9) Remain humble and grounded.

10) Always market with integrity; under-promising and over-delivering.

11) Avoid workaholic behavior, mitigate burnout.

12) Value relationship. Teach with the love of music in mind.