The Gift of Being Gifted

Your gift is attracting others.

The Houston area is huge. My car has spent hours on these roads simply moving from one side to another. Many of those paths have allowed me to enter the homes of fledgling musicians who all have a single thought in mind: "I want to."

The possibility of achieving a goal is typically overshadowed by doubt. The fear of failure is very real, especially in reference to activities that have never been done before. Each day I stop the engine, exit the vehicle (with or without my backpack), and begin the walk to the door with a single thought in mind: "I want to."

The truth is there is no guarantee that a person will be successful at playing an instrument. Perseverance prevails as we persist together through the process. Some would ask how I gained the patience to do this day in and day out. They say it's a "gift." Typically, there's three important facts I keep in mind:

1. I was in their shoes once.

2. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

3. Don't give up. Even small steps are a step forward.

Besides my ability to tame most household pets, having understanding and perspective of what the learner goes through is the greatest gift I could ever receive or pass along. A client is placed in a difficult position of having to absorb large amounts of knowledge, and make numerous changes on their own through practice before the next meeting. The feedback received during a session works both ways for the benefit of all. When that new concept finally clicks, what a wonderful feeling it is.

Seeing the wheel of emotions spin for each person in that moment gives me such a rush of enthusiasm, topped only by the satisfaction I receive when the recital concludes as family and friends applaud the efforts of their loved ones. It is in that moment that my gifts transfer. Those that have worked so hard to achieve now inspire others around them to try. How rewarding it is to me, especially in this holiday season, to hear of someone else who is interested in taking up an instrument. Regardless of age, background, or natural ability, the same statement utters from the lips of the new people we meet when asked why they choose this moment to start.

"I want to."

So do I.