The Rest Is History

My vacation is over. The self-imposed exile into the regular population has come to an end. Big city traffic beckons me from the safety of four walls. While some dread the return to their respective offices I find joy in coming back to work for 3 reasons:

1. I love what I do.

2. My job benefits others.

3. This is my purpose.

Notice there's nothing on the list about music. Any and every person can assess their big picture decisions using this method. Truthfully each item can be moved up or down on the list and still be accurate enough to judge how satisfied one can be with their place of employment. It's not about the position of my rationale. Rather, it's more of a web of needs I use to fuel my perspective. Truly this list can be expounded upon and dissected further, but the main theme of this blog is not to tell the reader that. I end my time away by stressing the importance of rest.

I see lots of talk from small business owners about "the grind" and "hustle" of this life. There's even the notion of finally being able to sleep when one is dead. What would be the fun in that? Sleep is awesome! Human beings have a setting for it. When considering options, especially when others depend on you for a portion of their growth, one cannot afford to run on empty.

Functioning on fumes yields futility. The body needs to recharge in order to be productive. How can you help others if you have nothing to give? In the interest of taking or consuming, a moment of rest is necessary in order to organize and make room for more. Reflection is an often overlooked component of rest. I would encourage everyone to make time to refill themselves with new, positive experiences periodically. Now that this event has come to a close for me, I'm all gassed up and ready to go!